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Our Vision

to provide solutions for the sustainable recycling of commercial food wastes into pure vermicast – a powerful natural soil conditioner & plant food.

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Effective food waste recycling solutions, pure vermicast products and urban farming tools.

Food Waste Recycling

commercial waste management solutions, stakeholder reporting & environmental impact reduction.

Food waste ending up in landfill is one of the largest contributors to the climate change crisis.  Because food waste at landfill rots, rather than decomposes, it produces methane 20 times more harmful than CO2!

In South Africa, we are well behind the recycling curve with 98% of our waste ending up in landfill sites, and a staggering 60% of this is food or organic waste!


Our commercial food waste recycling solutions combine the power of “bokashi” and vermiculture to transform food waste through a proprietary system into pure vermicast products and organic soil ameliorants.  We work with leading organisations to recycle their food wastes, reduce their environmental impact and in many cases unlock cost savings when compared with disposal at landfill.

Urban Farms provides industry leading solutions, tailored to your business requirements, and backed up by a passionate support team.


the engine behind our food waste recycling system

Worms are more powerful than the African Elephant and more important to the economy than the cow – Charles Darwin

Our two city vermiculture operations in Joubert Park and Modderfontein, Johannesburg provides a low-carbon solution for recycling commercial food wastes into pure vermicast products and natural soil ameliorant.

Vermiculture is the process of composting organic wastes, using earthworms (red wigglers in our case), into vermicast.  Vermicast, also called worm castings or worm manure, is the end-product of the breakdown of organic matter by an earthworm.  The earthworms alter the organic material both physically and chemically; producing an end product rich in water-soluble nutrients, incredible disease suppression abilities and 10 x the water holding capacity.  In simple terms vermicast is the ultimate nutrient-laden organic fertiliser and soil conditioner.


– Enhanced availability of plant nutrients;
– Unlocks the available nutrient potential in the soil and makes it available to the plant;
– A viable source of macro and micro-nutrients.

– Increases water holding capacity of the soil, reducing irrigation frequency and increasing stress tolerance during harsh conditions;
– Watershed friendly.

– High content: more than 5% by weight;
– Makes nutrient delivery more efficient over an extended period.

– Vermicast delivers robust and diverse microbial populations;
– A complete soil ecosystem in a bag. Enhances soil fertility by fostering the development of complementary soil micro-organisms.

– Accelerated root initiation, establishment and development;
– Encourage bridging into native soils and nutrient uptake.”

– On-going tests show a potential mode of action interferes with pathogens’ access to plant roots.
– Foliar spray shows anecdotal evidence for mildew and fungal suppression, and reduction in insect damage.

Our Knowledge Base includes numerous University studies, white papers and practical case studies that support these benefits.

Knowledge Base

providing industry specific information & research support

The powerful benefits of Vermicast are applicable to many industry sectors. This knowledge base provides detailed industry specific information and research links.

WE ARE IN THE PROCESS OF UPDATING THIS INFORMATION please drop us an email for an immediate response to your application.

the passionate team

behind all that we do at Urban Farms

wayne harpur

wayne harpur

founder & md

A passionate entrepreneur & environmentalist, I am driven to change the way food wastes are disposed of & to establish vermicast as the natural choice for soil & plant health.

elwyn pitt

elwyn pitt

operations director

Elwyn is South Africa’s leading vermiculture expert, ensuring the optimisation of all farm activities and production of the finest vermicast from our client’s food waste.

worm farmers

worm farmers

worm happiness experts

In a normal organisation Sakhumzi, Luyanda and Sivuyile would form our HR team…they take great care to ensure our worms are happy and working hard!

eisenia fetida

eisenia fetida

our silent workers

Commonly known as Red Wigglers we love to eat food waste, compost, and manure; transforming it into “black gold” (vermicast)

All of us at Urban Farms are driven to fundamentally change the way that food wastes are handled in South Africa, by providing a natural alternative to landfill disposal. Recycling our client’s “waste” by harnessing the natural processes of bokashi composting and vermiculture to produce a premium natural vermicast product that has incredible benefits to both soil health and plant growth.

Interested in our services? Get in touch and see how we can help.
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