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Savings of 85% through rainwater harvesting and re-circulation systems.



Vertical aeroponic systems allow for use rooftop space or marginal land



Operating close to our customers reduces the carbon footprint of our products by up to 90%



methods of pest control = NO synthetic pesticides.


Good Food

Chosen for flavour, full of nutrients and delivered on the day of harvest.

Our Vision

grow food where people live and grow it more sustainably.

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The finest organic vermicompost, worm-tea and fertilizer, and food waste recycling solutions.

Food Waste

we provide solutions to recycle your food waste into valuable organic compost & fertilizer

Food waste ending up in landfill is one of the largest contributors to the climate change crisis.  Because food waste at landfill rots, rather than decomposes, it produces methane 20 times more harmful than CO2

In South Africa, we are well behind the recycling curve with 98% of our waste ending up in landfill sites, and a staggering 60% of this is food waste!


Our commercial food waste recycling solutions combine the power of “bokashi” and vermiculture to transform food waste into incredibly valuable vermicompost and organic soil ameliorants.  We have helped many organisations eliminate a waste stream, lowering their environmental impact and in many cases achieved cost savings when compared with their old method of waste removal.

Urban Farms provides industry leading solutions, tailored to your business requirements, and backed up by passionate support and staff training.


Recycling your household food waste using a home “bokashi” system from our partners at Earth Probiotic is clean and simple.  Importantly, these systems require no separation and allow you to recycle ALL food waste; cooked & uncooked waste, meat, poultry, fish, onions, citrus and dairy.

What is ‘Bokashi’?

Vermiculture & the power of vermicast

Case Study – Cost savings achieved

Food Waste Audit

complete this simple audit to receive a FREE food waste report

The first step for businesses is to complete our simple food waste audit form.  These questions aim to quantify the food waste generated within your business, and allow for the planning of an appropriate food waste management system.

Complete and submit the following form for your business and we will contact you:

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School Courses

teaching primary school learners about sustainable living

We provide primary school students (grade 5 & 6) with an interactive and  fun program about sustainable living, providing practical skills and actions to implement at home.

We focus on three key aspects of sustainable living:

  1. Recycling: glass, plastic & paper.
  2. Food Waste Recycling: using “bokashi” and worms to turn your kitchen waste into organic compost.
  3. Grow your own: practical skills in starting a food garden.

Students will leave the course with:

  1. A workbook with the information covered during the course and exercises to do at home
  2. Seedling tray with 6 seasonal vegetables & herbs that they planted during the course
  3. Community APP registration, including a link to our “7 Tips to Greening your home” information sheet and exclusive product offers

In addition we provide teachers with a guide to extend the lessons learned to the classroom.

meet the head honcho

and the driving force behind Urban Farms

wayne harpur

wayne harpur

founder and owner

Urban Farmer. Entrepreneur. Local Food Activist. Passionate about sustainability . Proudly South African.

eisenia fetida

eisenia fetida

our workers

Commonly known as Red Wigglers we love to eat food waste, compost, and manure; transforming it into “black gold” (vermicompost)

eudrilus eugeniae

eudrilus eugeniae

the heavyweights

Also called African Night Crawlers, we are masters at turning food and organic waste into powerful vermicast.

Being health conscious and a passionate wanna-be chef, the inspiration for growing my own produce stems from my desire to create dishes from produce that I have grown organically and picked as fresh as possible, with zero food miles!  As an Urban Farmer I am driven to plant vegetables that I can’t get in a supermarket, grow heritage tomatoes and have a wide variety of herbs on hand to flavor my cooking.  Closing the household consumption loop is at the heart of the Urban Farms philosophy; from recycling household food waste into micro-nutrient rich compost (using Bokashi), converting a portion of your garden or patio to food production and eating wonderful fresh produce that is good for your body as well as the environment.  I believe that we are all able to make decisions today that reduce our impact on the environment and ensure a sustainable future.   Urban Farms’ passion is to provide you with the tools and support to make this a simple and fun experience in your household.

Interested in our services? Get in touch and see how we can help.
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