Food Waste Recycling

commercial waste management solutions & environmental impact reduction.

Urban Farms Recycling provides innovative, environmentally sound recycling solutions for listed corporate, business, hospitality & restaurant food wastes.

Our proprietary recycling system uses “bokashi” & vermiculture to stabilise and transform your waste into 80% pure vermicast; a powerful organic soil and plant growth enhancer. We provide our customers with the ability to “close their waste loop” and significantly reduce their to waste landfill and carbon footprint.


Track Record

of providing recycling services to listed companies, private business and leading waste management companies.


Simple Pricing

that includes all equipment, bokashi, logistics & reporting; and cost-effective when compared with landfill disposal



with local waste legislation; measurement, reporting & disposal requirements. We mitigate any business risk related to food wastes.


Off-Site Recycling

treated food wastes are naturally recycled at our vermiculture farms or national network of composting partners


Earth Loving

our solution lowers your business’ carbon footprint; minimising waste to landfill, recycling waste to return value to the soil

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