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Our Mission

Is to be a leader in "separation-at-source", divert organic waste from landfill and recycle food waste into something of value for our soil.

Our Vision

Is for a world without landfill sites, where all waste is reused, beneficiated or recycled. Where organic wastes are recycled and returned to the earth as nutrients for future growth.

Our History

Founded in 2013, we have been recycling food waste from a growing list of leading clients ever since. Our vermiculture facility in Modderfontein is the largest of its kind in South Africa.

Our Professional Team

We are a skilled team of vermiculture experts and food waste recycling professionals.  As pioneers in the recycling of food wastes using earthworms, there was no school to attend or book to learn from.  We had to get our hands dirty and develop a system to recycle food waste on a commercial scale; this took plenty of trial-and-error, hands-on-work, listening and learning from our worms! 

We now have a diverse team, with a very unique set of skills, that we have grown and developed over the years.  We are proud to have people in leadership positions now, that started out as “unskilled” labour in 2013!

As a business, we are driven and committed to developing and employing young South Africans.


Organics recycling facility 


Organic recycling facility & admin office