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Case Study: Nedbank Group

We are very proud of the partnership we have developed with Nedbank, since 2015.  Helping them to recycle over 425 tonnes of food waste from their Campus sites.

Nedbank’s 135 Rivonia Road head office was the first Green Star rated building in South Africa, achieving both the Green Star design (5 star) and As-built ratings (5 star).  The Nedbank sustainability team is committed to a long-term strategy, focussed primarily on the Green Star Existing Building certification, that will see all Nedbank buildings certified by 2030.  This includes a focus on waste minimisation, with food waste recycling playing a crucial role.

Facility Manager :

Customer Since :

Number of Sites :

Recycling Services :

Fabio Frances


7 Campus Sites

Food Waste

Compostable Packaging

Hand Tissues

Nedbank: Food and compostable waste recycling

We implemented our source separation system and food waste recycling services across the Nedbank group in Gauteng in 2015.  Since those early days, we have used the feedback and data from Nedbank, to develop and refine our systems and processes.  We have worked together with various Nedbank facility teams to add compostable packaging and hand tissue paper recycling to all their Campus sites, further reducing waste to landfill and improving the sustainability of the Nedbank business.

Nedbank: Achievements

In the past 6 years, we have helped the Nedbank team achieve some significant milestones along the way

  • 90% Waste recycling rates at their Campus sites.
  • 3% Savings on food input costs in their 135 Rivonia Road kitchens.
  • Recycled over 425 tonnes of food waste from Nedbank kitchens.
  • Saved over 245 tonnes of CO2e worth of greenhouse gas emissions.