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Start recycling your food waste

Our solutions for sectional title residences allow all households in the complex to recycle their kitchen waste.  By using “bokashi” additive in sealed containers, food waste is stabilised and allows for the safe recycling of all food scraps, including meat & fish, egg shells and tea-bags & coffee grounds.

This source separation method eliminates smelly bins & waste rooms, increases the amount of other recyclables collected and protects against municipal service delivery problems.  And, because participants are supporting the move towards zero waste to landfill, qualifying Cape Town complexes are eligible for a reduction in their refuse removal bill of up to 66%.

Our solutions cover smaller, unmanaged residential apartments as well as large, managed complexes.


Complex Food Waste Recycling

From R12.75/per Household per month
5L sealed container for each houshold
120L sealed bins for waste area
Bokashi additive
Logistics & Off-site Recycling
Start-up costs
Fixed monthly costs
Fixed contract period

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